KH Smart Food Tracker

by K&H

Data driven decision making for guaranteed quality & increased profitability SaaS solution on Azure

The lack of objective and realtime data on the quality and preservability of food ingredients throughout the supply chain is a major liability and cost driver for F&B vendors. Smart Food Tracker gives real time visibility on valuable food assets throughout the supply chain in intuitive dashboards based on actual conditions and physical parameters during transport and handling, for total control and guaranteed quality. Always up-to-date: - Keep total control over product quality throughout the supply chain - Eliminate losses and write offs due to lack of insight - Increase customer satisfaction and profitability - Lower carbon footprint of production/operation Our web-based SaaS solution build on Azure give you: Real time insights: - Have easy & continuous access to all relevant data - Get insights on the fly - Act immediately on dashboard information & custom alarm notifications Secure and reliable: - Verifiable data collection, transmission and processing for mission critical processes - Azure trusted cloud platform for maximum uptime & reliability - 24/7/365 support & services Scalable, open architecture: - Agile, comprehensive infrastructure - Out of the box solution with standard hardware for universal connectivity - No in house specialists needed

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