Krios: Personalized HR Information

by KiZAN Technologies

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Provide employees with personalized HR information inside Teams and Viva Connections.

Viva Connections Extension

Intranet owners and Corporate Communications teams can foster a culture of inclusivity by creating personalized experiences for employees. Krios is a customizable Viva Connections dashboard element that can integrate with any Human Resources systems to provide employees with their personal HR data directly inside of Microsoft Teams and Viva Connections.

Encouraging meaningful connections in the workforce has never been more challenging or important in the new world of hybrid work. Krios addresses this concern by enhancing your efforts to align your organization with your vision, mission, and strategic priorities by creating an additional avenue for employees to discover relevant communications and communities.

By directly integrating your HRIS and HCM platforms with Viva Connections, Krios eliminates the barrier to providing basic employee data without the need for extensive customization.

Provide information such as:
  • PTO Balance
  • Work Anniversary Information
  • Payroll Dates

Available for your employees anywhere Teams is available, with customizations for Frontline and International employees.

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