The Workshop Platform

by Klaxoon

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Klaxoon, the Workshop Platform

By using Klaxoon directly from Microsoft Teams, run powerful workshops to get things done. Accelerate collaboration, get your team engaged and move forward more seamlessly.

Klaxoon, a Microsoft Partner of the Year Award (2020) winner is available directly in Microsoft Teams for a unique teamwork experience.
Find out more about Klaxoon's powerful tools:

Get things done

  • Engage and drive efficient workshops: Session is the ideal tool when looking to get your team in sync and aligned in set limited time
  • Switch from ideation to action: with Board, Klaxoon's all-in-one digital whiteboard, enjoy workshops where you can think big, structure group thinking in real time or asynchronously, and drive progress day-by-day
  • Collect feedback and align your team with the decisions: with Question, Quiz and Survey, it's easy and convenient to take the pulse of the team. You can then collect the group's opinion, make decisions, and get the results you need in real time
  • Secure next steps, ease the follow-up process, circulate information efficiently with Memo.

Make hybrid work

  • Maximize asynchronous interactions, work on multiple projects with different teams and get continuous insights with Network and Journal
  • Break free from time and location: launch a workshop with your team from anywhere at any time, without having to install anything
  • Follow your workshops' progress over time guided by a visual information feed
  • Get inspired, change your point of view, and think big

Scale efficiency

  • Data is key to monitoring the efficiency of workshops and the engagement of the participants. Using Klaxoon analytics, you can monitor users and drive adoption more easily with your team.
  • Accelerate your organizational efficiency and help your team to run higher-impact workshops with Klaxoon Professional Services
  • Empower your team, accelerate adoption, and foster continuous improvement with Klaxoon's library of templates, the best ready-to-use methods from our user community

Get ready to feel more engaged, productive, and accomplished by running a Klaxoon workshop directly in Microsoft Teams.
Learn more about Klaxoon and try for free:

All participants can join a Klaxoon activity, whether they're Klaxoon paid members, or not. Klaxoon is free for all participants at!
A Klaxoon account is required to design and host workshop activities.
Klaxoon for Microsoft Teams is available on all Klaxoon plans.
You may need to contact your IT admin to enable the Klaxoon app for your Microsoft Teams account. If your Microsoft Teams administrator has authorized it, you can also enter your Microsoft credentials, or choose the enterprise sign in for a faster identification

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