ISO Quality Management System for Microsoft 365

by Konsolute

Built specifically for Microsoft 365. QMS can be easily tailored to the needs of any organisation.

Quality Management System (QMS) helps you to define policy procedures and standard operating procedures such as quality records, regulatory requirements, ISO requirements and industry specifications. QMS can be easily tailored to the needs of any organisation. Built specifically for Microsoft 365, it provides smooth integration, versatility and scalability for any organisation.

  • Compliance - Comply with industry-specific regulations and instil trust and demonstrate to your supply chain that you comply with relevant regulations and enforcement obligations.
  • Improvement - Remains in control of the risk and issues by proactively monitoring and addressing them. Improve efficiency and reduce your operational costs by streamlining processes.
  • Reputation - Build your reputation within your sector and with your stakeholders by showing that you are following the regulations and continually track and develop business processes.
  • Internal / External engagement - Improve your internal, external communication and your business processes by involving and encouraging your organisation to participate and drive your business workflows.

Document and Records Management

  • Document Control - Control's the lifecycle of documents in your organisation how they are created, reviewed, and published, and how they are ultimately disposed of or retained. QMS's flexibility enables you to easily adapt to your organisation's culture and requirements. QMS enables you to identify and define processes which protect and govern your documents such as quality manuals, quality procedures, working instructions and quality records.
  • Maintain & Improve - Maintain your organisation's standards and conformity by regularly reviewing your key documentation based upon your organisation's regulatory requirements and document control procedures. QMS simplifies the process at hand and automatically notified users and groups within your organisation of scheduled review dates based upon the criticality and sensitivity of your documents.
  • Leverage features of Microsoft 365 - QMS is built upon Microsoft 365 and leverages a number of products such as SharePoint Online, Azure Information Protection, OneDrive for Business and Power Automate. Some of the document management features that are available include co-authoring, offline syncing, integration with Microsoft Teams and version history to name a few.

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