KPMG COMET - Customer Network Solution


KPMG Comet, an interactive user-friendly tool designed to optimise banks' customer acquisition

KPMG Comet Customers Network can help your organization optimize the acquisition of new high potential and low risk prospect customers and simulate the spread of risk among customers to help make your operations more effective.
Business goals
–Strategy: Supply commercial and risk areas with enriched customer and prospect behavior insights to gain competitive advantage
–Effectiveness: Optimize new customer acquisition and risk propagation modelling
–Efficiency: Reduce time and effort in targeting and commercial activity plus improved spread of risk control
–Compliance: Support compliance with EBA connected clients regulation
KPMG Comet is a tailored solution that is ready to scale to your operational needs, deliver on your programs, and support how you do business in today’s connected world. KPMG Comet Customers Network can help you address the regulatory guidelines of the European Banking Authority (EBA) on connected clients that came into effect on January 1, 2019 (article 4 section 1, point 39 of the regulation of the EU 575/2013). These guidelines obliged banks to identify the existing connections between customers, considered as a single-risk-factor on the principles of control and economic dependence
Based on big data and AI technologies, KPMG Comet supports the compliant identification of these relationship networks between business bank customers. The objective is to optimize the acquisition of new customers by clearly identifying the highest value potential and lowest risk, allowing the user to parameterize the algorithms and analysis in an interactive form. With this new normal environment in which banking corporate clients are immersed (business decrease or closure, unpaid invoices, etc.), it is important for banks to have solutions that can help carry out simulations of risk contagion among their client base of small and medium enterprises
Improve customer acquisition and risk control
KPMG Comet is a user-friendly and interactive tool that is designed to discover enriched information on your bank customers’ relationships and behaviors to improve customer acquisition and spread of risk control.
Solution capabilities
–KPMG Comet Customers Network leverages graph visualization, big data and AI technologies to model the complete network of economic relations between customers of the bank, identifying high value and low risk prospect customers to be targeted in commercial activity
–The solution also provides risk engines to simulate spread of risk scenarios inside your customer network, as well as to identify economic risk relations for EBA connected customers compliance
–Machine learning algorithms predict customer value and risk, based on their economic behavior
–Information is retrieved from the internal transactional database of the bank and public non-paid sources

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