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Paid By Coins

Lakeba Group

5.0 (1)

Converts crypto into bank accounts for direct deposits, bill payments and gift card purchases.

Paid By Coins is a B2C and B2B payment portal for converting cryptocurrencies into bank deposits accounts, bill payments and gift card purchases. It’s simple to use, making crypto payments accessible to the masses. Cost competitive, by eliminating transaction costs for consumers and minimising vendors’ transaction fees. And secure, safeguarding money transfers from bad actors.

Paid By Coins converts cryptocurrencies directly into Australian dollars. In favour of the complex procedure of selling cryptocurrencies on exchanges in return for dollars, to then be deposited into an account, from where the money only then can be used to pay a bill, be transferred to another account, or used to buy gift cards. Paid By Coins makes all this a single, simple transaction.

We set out to provide a familiar, easy to use interface for anyone and everyone who now owns popular cryptocurrencies. Paying bills is a very practical way for consumers to gain liquidity from their investment. The added benefit of Paid By Coins is that it dynamically calculates the current exchange rate, allowing consumers to gain the best exchange rate at the time of their payment.

Unlike other cryptocurrency payment gateways, all transactions are nil cost to users.