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From intake to insights - a powerful, single source of truth for high-performing in-house counsel.

Are your legal teams empowered to take on growing and complex workloads?

In-house legal teams want to be a reliable partner to the business, but it’s becoming increasingly more difficult as workloads continue to outpace functional investments. Lawyers are feeling exhausted and they don’t have the technology to support them in the same way CRM supports sales, and ERP supports finance. 77% of in-house legal teams spend over 1 hour per day jumping between systems to gain a complete view of their work.

LawVu is the leading legal workspace. An easy-to-implement, single source of truth that empowers in-house legal to better deal with business complexity and workload, so they can effectively collaborate with the wider business for joint success.

Microsoft Transactable

Pay for LawVu directly through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, accelerate the approval process, bill against your existing Microsoft subscription, and consolidate your cloud service payments.

4 Ways LawVu Transforms In-House Legal
  1. Take control, with everything you need in one place

    • By connecting all your matter, contract, document and spend data in one place (system of record), everything has context, allowing you to always see the bigger picture and more easily communicate legal’s value to senior leadership.

  2. Get time back through connected workflows

    • By connecting matter, contracts and other documents, the LawVu workspace is beautiful to use and brings to life time saving features such as matter triaging, automated tasks, bulk RFP management and automated approval flows. All contributing to quality business outcomes

  3. Manage workload with streamlined intake management

    • By enabling the wider business to self-serve or connect with you via LawVu, you improve their experience with the legal team, encourage timely lodging of issues, and can be more proactive with managing your capacity, workflow and domain expertise

  4. Better collaboration with your team, business and partners.

    • All collaboration with the wider business, your legal colleagues, and outside counsel can occur within LawVu. Integrations with email and document management systems further streamline your workflow with your business.

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