Leonardo Base Platform Stack

by Leonardo

A production-ready Openshift reference architecture on Azure

Leonardo’s production-ready Openshift reference architecture utilises Red Hat open source software on Microsoft's Azure cloud Businesses want to innovate in a secure, scalable environment so they can improve their speed to market - but they also need to support core legacy applications that are critical to current operations. The BPS is a:
  • Production Ready Platform with monitoring, metrics and alerting for consistent deployment
  • Developer Ready Platform with DevOps / CICD tooling together to increase the speed of the delivery of your apps
  • Fully supported options - adhoc, partner or managed-service
  • Many organisations have had difficulty deploying Openshift Container Platform on Azure marketplace. Furthermore, customising the marketplace cluster and including the operations and developments assets to be production-ready is not part of the marketplace offering. The Leonardo Base Platform Stack is more than just an Openshift Container Platform cluster. The Base Platform Stack is typically deployed in a highly available architecture. This includes multiple master, infrastructure, and application nodes to ensure there are no single points of failure. Leonardo has been delivering Openshift for customers, both on premise and in the cloud for customers since early 2017. The Base Platform Stack evolved from this ongoing experience in early 2018 and has been road tested with many customers.

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