LiiD for Dynamics CRM


Analyze and automate call, email & meeting logging to Dynamics CRM, scan business cards + Caller ID

Wouldn't it be cool if you could log activities to your CRM automatically? Well, now you can!

  • Automatically Log Mobile Calls and Emails
  • Sync Contacts, Tasks and Calendar
  • Scan Business Cards
  • Add Notes by Speech-to-Text
  • Show Caller ID
  • Mobile App for Field Sales
  • iOS & Android
  • 30 Day Free Trial
  • 2 min Implementation

LiiD for CRM is a service that enables organisations to automate one of the most important administrative tasks in sales and take full advantage of having high quality and 100% complete coverage of sales activities in your CRM.

The trial available directly from AppSource opens up the LiiD Dashboard, a web app that lets sales management and individual users to monitor their opportunities' health and sales operations. Instantly see how your team is doing and which opportunities need more attention, with direct links to open up any relevant information in Dynamics. In the trial, you see realistic test data from our dashboard front page.

The dashboard shows all activities logged through the LiiD mobile apps, available for Android and iOS. The mobile apps connect to your Dynamics CRM to automatically identify calls or emails made to contacts in your CRM. Fear not - you have full control of how much data you want to log and can list private contacts that if you want to restrict logging to best sui