AI Producer (Personal)

by LiveArena Technologies AB

Democratizing Production with Microsoft Teams.

AI Producer

Engaging and sharing information using video, has never been more important.
Use AI Producer for live webinars, Town hall meetings, interactive events, and broadcasts. Without leaving Microsoft Teams.
Use AI Producer to Play high-quality videos in meetings. Or create vivid productions for later viewing/sharing.
All fully automated without the need to extra hardware or production staff.

AI Producer for Microsoft Teams

  • Integrated in Teams as a meeting extension app.
  • Enhance your Teams meetings.
  • Fully automated live productions and broadcasts.
  • Preset Production Formats, Branding, Overlays, Custom Layouts, Manual Mode etc.
  • The audience can watch your production in a Teams Town hall, Teams webinar, Teams meeting, Teams live event, on LinkedIn or any other distribution platform of your choice.
  • Microsoft 365 Certified.


Play high-quality video in your Teams meetings. Or automatically produce your meeting, lecture or panel discussion in a more vivid and engaging way, for later viewing and/or sharing.
  • Play high-quality video in Teams meetings.
    • Play your Playout video library from anywhere, regardless of limitations in local bandwidth.
  • Produce your meeting using AI in just a few clicks.
    • Recorded in full HD for later viewing and/or sharing.
  • Education format, optimized for one Presenter.
    • Only the Presenter's camera and audio feed will be recorded.
    • Designed in compliance with GDPR, where other meeting attendees remain anonymous.


Use AI Producer for live Town halls, webinars, meetings, interactive events and broadcasts.
All fully automated, or take control in Manual Mode, without leaving Teams.
  • Presentation
    • Optimized for one Presenter at a time.
    • Displays in Focus mode, Shared screen, and Split-screen.
  • Panel Discussion
    • Supports several Presenters, and a Shared screen.
    • Displays in Focus mode, Shared screen and Split-screen.
  • Talk Show
    • Supports several Presenters.
    • Displays Presenters individually in Focus mode or together in Split-screen.
  • Rundown
    • Utilize the strength of different Preset Production formats in the same production.
    • Combine formats easily with prerecorded videos in a planned production schedule.

To get AI Producer as an Enterprise Offer (SaaS or Managed Application), please contact us at or visit Azure Marketplace.

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We provide software for automated live broadcast productions. Our solutions are based on AI and cloud technologies. Our customers include small and large corporations and organizations worldwide.

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