by Loom Systems

Improve Customer Experience With AIOps

Proactive Azure cloud infrastructure and application monitoring.

This solution is geared towards Cloud Ops and IT engineers looking to reduce the operational burden and complexity in finding issues in their services, VMs, and functions.

Sophie is an AIOps solution, which predicts and prevents digital customer experience issues before the client is affected by automatically analyzing your logs.

Sophie offers real-time insights by analyzing any type of log data directly from any of your Azure apps, ensuring smooth IT operations, with no downtime, no outages and no threat to ongoing activity.

Sophie operates in English and Japanese, with insights in every language and integrates natively to read data from Azure Blob Storage and from Microsoft Log Analytics.

Sophie acts as the "safety net" for Enterprises IT teams/ Systems Integrators, as they move workloads to Azure and are expected to maintain a high-level customer experience and strictest SLAs.

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