LTI Botzer

by LTIMindtree Limited

Simple, intuitive & low-code/no-code platform for managing end to end bot life cycle

Botzer is an AI powered cloud based, multi utility platform that helps you build Digital Assistants and automate conversational workflows in a DIY model with a personalized experience in a cost-effective manner.

Botzer is capable of understanding customer interactions, making your business more efficient, responsive & customer-centric.


  • Botzer is a true Do It Yourself (DIY) - Simple, intuitive & low-code/no code platform for managing end to end bot life cycle. 
  • Configuration based bot training which can work with multiple, popular cloud-based or open source NLP engines. 
  • Configurable workflows with visual representation. 
  • Cloud agnostic - Lift and shift between clouds. 
  • Fast growing list of pre-built integrations with popular systems such as Workday, Service-now, Success-factors, or any CRM systems. 
  • Pre-built templatized implementations for industry verticals. 
  • Customize bot settings and manage theme on the go. Seamless hand off to live agents. 


  • Multi-channel deployment
  • Auto-Train Unanswered Queries
  • Live Agent Console
  • Voice based hands free experience
  • Personalize Bot theme
  • Do It Yourself Framework
  • Integrate with other systems
  • Seamlessly transfer to live agent
  • Multi-language support
  • Low code/ No code Experience
  • Cloud agnostic – No lock in to one cloud
  • Monitor bot performance and usage
  • Intuitive Dashboards

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