BOLD. for communication

by Macro Kiosk Berhad

Create more ways to communicate via WhatsApp Business, Viber Business, Email & more

BOLD. for communication supports various channels like SMS, MMS, RCS Business Messaging, Google’s Business Messages, WhatsApp Business, Viber Business, Two-Way Messaging, Chat, Push Notifications, Email Notifications and Authentication.

BOLD. leads the way to:
- Start a chat conversation.
- Broadcast bulk messages.
- Engage two-way messaging.
- Attach multilanguage messages.
- Send rich contents-Pictures, Videos.
- Deliver messages globally.
- Insert authentication controls.
- Analyse, administer and view reports in one dashboard.
- Perform mobile number portability checking.

Start using BOLD. for communication with:
- Complimentary messaging credits.
- Special introductory pricing.
- Special messaging rates.
- Easy access interface / API.
- Technical support 24/7.
- Business consultation support.

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