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Magenta Development

Dynamic Logistics Planning & Multi Drop Optimisation Software

This application is available in Russian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French languages

Magenta – IT solutions, developed for the effective management of logistic operations in the banking industry.
Solutions for the Banking industry.
Magenta solutions help to manage logistics operations in such areas as: Debt collection, Cash and Valuables in Transit, Internal logistics and card delivery, ATM services, Offsite audit and line audit, Field customer service, Field sales, Field service engineering.

Magenta is a SaaS solutions. It is easy to use, affordable and highly customizable. Magenta is accessible 24/7 from any web browser worldwide.

Key features:

  • Automatic Planning of routes and allocation of jobs between employees
  • Route Optimization algorithms
  • Real-time Adjustments
  • Employee's Android App with Rich Functionality
  • The Plan-Fact Analysis Module
  • ETA Prediction
  • Vehicle Tracking Integration
  • Automated SMS/Email notifications for the customers
  • ePOD functionality