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MailGuard Advanced Email Filtering

MailGuard Pty Limited

Protects business against targeted and zero-day email threats like phishing, ransomware & CEO fraud

Next generation email security: Protecting people, data and brands from advanced criminal intent email threats

MailGuard protects businesses and their people against the rise of email-borne cybercrime.

  • Malicious criminal intent email attacks, like phishing, spear phishing, ransomware and CEO fraud, can have devastating consequences. 

  • Every year, organisations lose billions in revenue due to online attacks. 

  • The impact on the global digital economy is significant when one considers that 60% of those that fall victim to attacks go out of business within 6 months. 

  • Brands and reputations can be ruined, and individual careers irrevocably damaged. 

Unique cloud-based (SaaS) architecture means when a new threat emerges MailGuard can act immediately to apply protection to users across the globe. When a new threat emerges, MailGuard is consistently 2-48 hours ahead of the market in preventing fast-breaking zero-day attacks.

A Gold Microsoft partner, MailGuard operates seamlessly alongside Microsoft Office 365, Google G-Suite and other email platforms. 

Threats come in many shapes and sizes, and they can penetrate a business in the most mundane ways. MailGuard offers an integrated suite of enterprise-grade solutions to protect businesses, including email filtering, archiving, email continuity and image monitoring.  

Target market

All industries and company sizes rely on email and are suitable customers for MailGuard. High risk industries responsible for sensitive data include government agencies, healthcare, education, legal, financial services and accounting.

Customer pain points

It is commonly accepted that nine out of 10 businesses are impacted by criminally motivated, unwanted email. Uncovering this pain point is generally as simple as asking the decision maker if the business is receiving unwanted email. 

New zero-day email attacks occur every day, so most businesses will be able to describe phishing emails that their staff are receiving, to explain fears of ransomware impacting their business, or concerns about compromised data or IP. These fears and concerns are often shared from the frontline to board-level.