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GDPR Compliant Secure File Transfer


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GDPR-compliant secure file transfer service. Fast, reliable and easy-to-use.

MBM Secure File Transfer is designed to replace Email for the transfer of private files. You should no-longer be using Email to exchange secure documents with your clients:-

  • Email is Not Secure – Emails pass across the Internet and through intermediary mail servers in clear text. This means that sensitive attachments can be opened.
  • Clients' Confidential Documents in your Email System - You don’t need your Inbox full of clients’ personal files. These will also make their way into your archives and backups. Clients have the right to ask you to perform an audited deletion of these items, this process is complex and time-consuming.
  • Clients' Confidential Documents in their Email System – When a client sends you their personal files as Email, these Emails will be stored in their Sent Items or Deleted Items. You would be seen in a positive light if you encouraged clients to send their files using a secure file transfer system rather than Email.

MBM SFT provides a fast, reliable and easy-to-use way to get files from your clients and send files back using super-secure web technology and GDPR-compliant data centres.

There are many use cases but here are a few common ones:-

  • Accountants often need to collect large quantities of personal files from their clients to complete tax returns
  • Mortgage brokers need to see sensitive documents such as pay slips, bank statements, passports and driving licences
  • Human Resources and employment agencies must receive personal documents such as CVs, resumes and qualification certificates
  • Banking and investment companies often need to send private portfolios to their clients

Transferring these types of files using Email is no-longer appropriate, instead use MBM Secure File Transfer. The service is GDPR compliant and can be deployed to any of more than 40 regions around the world so that sensitive files remain inside your jurisdiction.

MBM Ltd has been providing IT solutions for nearly 30 years. Our services are reliable, simple and well-engineered. Secure File Transfer is built on Microsoft Azure and so delivers excellent performance, reliability and global coverage. As a Microsoft Silver-certified Independent Software Vendor, MBM Ltd is proud to have a strong partnership with Microsoft.