VennU Access

by Medcurio, Inc.

Secure and real-time access to all EHR data

Medcurio’s VennU platform is a lightweight, self-serve platform that generates no-code APIs to meet all real-time data needs at less than 15% of the usual IT cost and effort. VennU allows healthcare providers to spend less time on getting data and more time on using data to efficiently improve care, patient outcomes and provider experience.

Healthcare Provider Challenges

Healthcare providers have made huge investments in their data and in the growing number of applications designed to lower costs, deliver better patient outcomes, and reduce provider burden. But these investments fail to deliver on their promise because it is too costly, cumbersome, and limited to access data in real time - and opportunities to automate, simplify, and personalize are lost.

VennU is the Solution

· Lightweight infrastructure that is easy to install, configure, and maintain

· Point and click solution for building APIs for any EHR data

· Codeless APIs that are easy to build and modify

· Change detection to stay ahead of changes and avoid surprises

· Connect to existing FHIR, EHR vendor or HL7 integrations

· Transparent security model to grant and track access to data

Whether ramping up use of real-time data, scaling current solutions, or bringing on advanced automation, VennU gives health care providers full control to get the most value from their data.

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