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HOPEX Business Process Analysis

Mega Intl

Improve customer experience, take control of business transformation

HOPEX Business Process Analysis provides insight into your business activities. Organizations can ensure alignment with strategic transformation decisions by reshaping and validating their operational processes.

The solution helps organizations to describe and understand their business processes. Users can design business processes and build customer journeys. It can also be used to conduct as-is/to-be analysis, create and monitor key performance indicators tied to processes, map process models to their associated risks and controls, and create reports to share information across the organization. It includes features to automate the creation of diagrams, and users can collaborate in real-time to help them streamline diagram changes, approvals, and assessments.

With HOPEX Business Process Analysis, you can:

  • Map and personalize the customer journey and rate the experience on each touchpoint
  • Design processes to improve customer experience
  • Add risk and control information to business process models