Meltwater for media, social, & consumer intelligence

by Meltwater

Meltwater’s Suite for transforming media and social data into insight

Meltwater provides an innovative, end-to-end suite of solutions that harnesses media, social and consumer data and transforms it into insight your business can act on. Our suite analyzes over 1 billion pieces of content each day, on top of this, we run nearly 15 billion AI enrichments per day to get a more comprehensive picture of what's happening and reveal vital insights that can give your business the competitive edge it needs earlier.

Meltwater’s suite empowers PR, Social Marketing, & Research Professionals to be insight pros, spanning multiple use cases across media, social, consumer, influencer and sales intelligence. With 27,000 global customers, 50 offices across six continents, and 2,300 employees, Meltwater is the industry partner of choice for global brands across all industries who want to make an impact.

Meltwater media, social, & consumer intelligence solutions

  • Media Intelligence: Monitor global digital and traditional media content

  • Media Relations: Build strong relationships with the best contacts for your brand

  • Social Listening & Analytics: Analyze what the world is saying about your brand, your industry, and your competitors

  • Social Media Management: Take control of your social media presence

  • Consumer Intelligence: Understand what drives your customers

  • Influencer Marketing: Streamline and measure your influencer marketing management

  • Sales Intelligence: Evolve your sales process with data

  • API & Data Integration: Create an enterprise-wide analytics platform tailored to your business

Meltwater is both ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 certified and guarantees the security, availability, and confidentiality of critical data.

Why we're unique

  • Unlimited ad-hoc searching across the world’s largest source base

  • AI Powered Insights & Infrastructure

  • Fully integrated suite to help with cross department reporting

  • Unparalleled Customer Support

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