Mesh Ai

Mesh Assist Pty Ltd

Mesh Conversational AI and Business Messaging platform delivers intelligent customer engagement

Mesh AI understands your customer's journey, intent and meaning.

Enterprise-ready Mesh Conversational AI and Business Messaging platform delivers intelligent customer engagement. Give your customers a great experience across any device or platform.
The Mesh Conversational AI platform is an advanced technology layer that drives automated inbound and outbound customer conversations.
Drive service efficiencies or new revenue opportunities by utilising new technologies to empower entirely new levels of customer self service, automated services and enhanced sales opportunities.

Intelligent Customer Experience
The Mesh Conversational AI platform delivers consistent customer experience across digital channels.
Customer Intent
Our ability to understand a customer's intent is key to Mesh providing successful, intelligent self service experiences. This understanding powers our conversations, making them more contextually relevant and satisfying for customers, while at the same time achieving organisational objectives.

The Mesh AI platform allows for contextual, consistent and continuous customer conversations across digital platforms.
Customer journeys can be seamless across single or multiple channels and devices.

Improved Revenue Performance
Mesh Conversational AI can be used to drive cross selling and upselling as well as generating qualified leads for sales teams.
Mesh operates throughout the customer lifecycle. It can take over mundane tasks from sales people and deliver them warm leads for follow up.
Speed to Value
Mesh provides low project risk due to its ease of deployment. Mesh can be deployed incrementally using existing organisation knowledge to deliver a quick and easy solution at a low cost.

No Code/Low Code
Easy to deploy and expand, the Mesh No Code approach minimises the expense and complexity of deployment.
Importantly, existing customer experience staff can be trained in the management of the conversations.

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