by Micotan Software Company Ltd.

Integrated Data Management, Workflow, Scheduling and Reporting for the Oil and Gas Industry.

Generwell is used by Oil and Gas Exploration and Production companies as a one-stop-shop for information relating to their assets. It has integrated workflow, reporting and scheduling to ensure that information is well-managed, secure and integrated with related software systems and databases.

Generwell is a completely configurable well life cycle software suite to meet your needs now and as you expand. Generwell helps your team focus and reach objectives quickly and effectively, while Micotan's implementation experts ensure the software works best for you.

Generwell includes modules to help you manage information and workflow for: Wells, Pipelines, Sites/Facilities, Projects, Equipment, AFEs, and Land Agreements. Also included is a built-in Gantt chart Job Scheduler.

Generwell is not just a software solution, it is a revolution! Generwell changes the way you do business. When using Generwell, business leaders know that they get easy, complete oil well life cycle assessment and the technology to fully manage the entire well life cycle.

Some of the key benefits of Generwell include:

  1. Completely configurable to the needs of any Oil and Gas Exploration and Production company.
  2. Integrated scheduling organizes and coordinates people and tasks so everyone can focus on their area of expertise.
  3. Flexible and automated workflows increase the efficiency of every aspect of the lifecycle.
  4. Data centralization vastly improves the gathering, sharing, scheduling and reporting of well, facility, pipeline, equipment, project, AFE and land information.
  5. Custom screen data elements and form configuration make it easy for you to meet corporate requirements for reporting, auditing and decision-making.
  6. Easy information capture and sharing, from email notifications to formatted reports.
  7. Role-based security to allow for management of information access down to the data field.
  8. Full installation and integration is capable on your own with built-in tools including a self-serve data loader.
  9. Complete support from Micotan’s implementation team to support Generwell configuration and system integration.
  10. Mobile app (iOS and Android) to allow on the go access to data and scheduling information.
"Anyone can easily go into Generwell to find out the development status of any well and access relevant information and documentation. It emails people when they have tasks to do and helps identify bottlenecks, making it great for process management." - Jim Faulkner, Jupiter Resources

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