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Hybrid Cloud Management

Micro Focus

Micro Focus Hybrid Cloud Management - Design, deploy, manage and govern multi-cloud resources

Hybrid Cloud Management addresses two fundamental objectives of IT operations teams: 1) improve IT agility by being better able to address the adoption of new technologies such as containers and public cloud while still managing legacy systems and 2) enable IT operations teams to operate at the speed of DevOps-driven development teams.

Key Capabilities

  • Hybrid IT Delivery

    Provision and manage IT services across any cloud, container or infrastructure with a unified hybrid and multi-cloud management platform. Optimize workload placement, and continuously improve your cloud service delivery through the use of cloud analytics, capacity planning and reporting.

  • Application Release Automation

    Automate infrastructure and application deployment through all application lifecycle stages with fully customizable stage gates and a complete CI/CD pipeline to support DevOps.

  • Cloud Service Brokering & Governance

    Aggregate public cloud services and hybrid cloud service designs, publish offerings into catalogs with the drag and drop designer, and broker service offerings through a centralized self-service portal.

  • IT Process Orchestration

    Automate end to end IT processes with a proven, enterprise-grade orchestration engine that provides extensive out-of-the-box content and open APIs to integrate across IT ecosystems, teams and tools.