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Azure Activity Log Analytics


Stream and analyze your Azure Activity Log events with our intuitive Power BI reports.

The Azure Activity Log solution template stands up an event streaming pipeline to provide near real-time analytics on top of your Activity Log. The pipeline combines Event Hub, Stream Analytics, and SQL to provide a flexible streaming-with-storage experience. Get started with compelling reports over your last 90 days of Activity Log data and enable analytics on historical and live events.

Azure Activity Log Analytics:

  • Get started quickly with insightful Power BI reports on your last 90 days of Activity Log data
  • Use an intuitive wizard-based UI to spin up a SQL database to accumulate live Activity Log data combined with historical data to provide a holistic Power BI report
  • Leverage the real-time event stream processing capabilities of Event Hub and Stream Analytics
  • Monitor your Azure activities and resources at a high level or drill down into certain failures and the actions of active users on your subscription
  • A dedicated Service Health page keeps you informed about problems in Azure services that impact your resources