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Azure IoT Central Analytics


Monitor and analyze the data your devices send to IoT Central in this Power BI solution template.

Create a powerful Power BI dashboard to monitor the performance of your IoT devices in Azure IoT Central. In a few clicks, you can set up an end-to-end solution that pulls exported measurements, devices, and device templates data in your Azure Blob storage and creates a Power BI dashboard that you can use to:
  • Track how much data your devices are sending over time
  • Compare data volume between telemetry, states, and events
  • Identify devices that are reporting lots of measurements
  • Observe historical trends of device measurements
  • Identify problematic devices that send lots of critical events

The Azure IoT Central Analytics solution template creates the data pipeline in your Azure subscription that brings data from your Azure Blob storage through to Azure Functions, Azure Data Factory, and Azure SQL Database which connects to your Power BI desktop file. This solution template is open-source in this Github repo, where you can go to learn more about the architecture and leverage the open-source code to extend the solution.