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Campaign/Brand Management for Facebook


Analyze any Facebook Page with our scalable and extensible Power BI solution template.

Take advantage of compelling Power BI reports and choose between two key Facebook use cases. In just a few clicks you can stand up an end-to-end solution template that pulls historical and latest posts and metrics from Facebook pages and lets you analyze the following:

The Facebook Page Analytics solution template lets you gain deep insights about your Facebook page by looking at important metrics like engagement reach and impressions. Understand your audience by analyzing demographic breakdowns and look at how you are gaining and losing fans across time. Dive deeper into specific areas like video metrics and understand which posting times lead to the best results.

The Facebook Power BI solution template for public pages provides you with a complete brand or campaign solution about your organization, product or service. The template scores collected Facebook posts according to author sentiment, key phrases and presents the results in a compelling set of Power BI Reports.

Everything is installed in your Azure subscription so you can create data mashups using additional data sources or customize the reports to fit your own needs.

Campaign/Brand Management for Facebook:

  • Get started quickly with pre-built data models for social analytics reporting
  • Use an intuitive wizard based UI to define which pages you wish to follow
  • Leverage sophisticated visualizations such as the network graph created by Microsoft Research
  • Go back in history to do trend analysis to see your growth