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Dynamics 365 Field Service Analytics


Stand up a scalable and extensible Power BI dashboard on Dynamics 365 Field Service.

The Dynamics 365 FIeld Service solution template contains everything needed for a scalable and extensible set of analytics on your Dynamics 365 for Field Service implementation. In just a few minutes stand up an end-to-end solution including data extraction, Azure SQL, Azure Analysis Services (optional), and polished Power BI reports.

The Field Service for Dynamics 365 Power BI solution template features:

  • Get started quickly with pre-built models for Field Service analytic dashboards
  • Extend the data model and modify the reports to meet your organization's specific needs
  • Use an intuitive wizard based UI to setup and customize data integration
  • Gain enterprise grade performance by processing large data volumes from Dynamics 365 with Data Export Service
  • Optimize data integration with incremental data extraction capability
Everything is freely available on github so you can see how things work, customize the ready-made solution to meet your needs or even contribute back with your own changes.