Arius Enterprise Info

by Milliman LLP

Arius Enterprise is a complete solution to help actuaries analyze insurance losses and loss reserves

Today’s actuaries have too much data to analyze, and many insurance organizations have become too complex for managers to get comfortable that loss reserves are adequate and reasonable, especially under ever-tightening deadlines. To help them, IT professionals must provide financial solutions that are rock-solid, full-featured, future-proof, and that provide significant value and quick payback. Arius Enterprise streamlines your entire Property and Casualty loss analysis process. It gives you:
  • A custom Azure-based platform with databases designed to meet your company’s unique analysis style and reporting requirements.
  • A complete analytical toolset with hundreds of exhibits, actuarial methods, and reports, already pre-built, tested, and ready for you to start using. Additionally, you can easily build your own or modify one of Arius’ standard templates to meet your specific needs.
  • Automation of much of the mundane work of your P&C reserve analysis, so you can focus your valuable time where it matters most.
  • Templated exhibits, methods, and reports. A model or approach built or enhanced by one analyst can be easily shared with many others throughout your actuarial and finance teams.
  • Because Arius governs the formulas and links with data and among exhibits, once built or enhanced, these templates do not require additional tech-review. This allows management to spend your time on tasks that provide the most value to your organization.
    Peer review is also much more efficient, because analyses are similar in structure and format across your team.
  • Powerful visualization tools that spotlight trends and relationships not obvious in typical reports.

The benefit for you

Arius Enterprise combines immediate access to all your data, superior tools to analyze and report on your results, and systems to automate much of the work throughout your reserving process. You get analyses that are efficient, consistent, and accurate. You can be more confident in your results and add value to your organization.

Short time to value

A key component of value is how soon you can begin to recognize it. Arius Enterprise combines our industry-leading analysis and data management solutions and our years of understanding of the processing needs of actuarial professionals. We will do most of the implementation work, working closely with members of your team. We will help you test the solution in your environment, and we will provide training to your professionals. With Arius Enterprise, your users will be up and running and enjoying these benefits in a matter of weeks. Insurers who try to build similar solutions on their own often take years in the process; the resulting solutions cost more, don’t have the benefit of many other companies’ best practices, ideas, and input, and they significantly delay the value they are designed to provide.

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