MindBridge Ai Auditor

by MindBridge

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MindBridge Ai revolutionizes financial analysis with the world’s first AI powered auditing platform.

MindBridge Ai revolutionizes financial analysis with the world’s first and only AI powered auditing platform. Lightning fast, risk-ranked analysis on all transactions, with zero scripting, means you can spend more time providing value to clients.

With Ai Auditor, cumbersome CAAT tools are a thing of the past, and with them go the associated risk of missing errors or fraud in the data. With completeness, granularity and speed, Ai Auditor performs near-instant analysis of 100% of the transactions. The analysis is comprehensive - dozens of analysis criteria cross-correlate to assess risk on every transaction, user and vendor. These controls points are a wealthy mix of business rules, statistical methods and machine learning, seeded by the domain expertise of some of the world’s top CPAs. These control points do all the analysis, so you don’t have to worry about it. No black-box magic, all the details of these risk rankings are at your fingertips, in our sleek, intuitive reporting interface, so you can explore, investigate - seeing exactly what is drawing concern, and why.

Our highly extensible platform is often introducing new reports, new data formats, new control point indicators, and of course all of the reporting and future functionality is always included with a standard subscription.

Contact us today for a demo of Ai Auditor and chat with a MindBridge Ai expert about the assurance, time savings and insights that only our AI powered platform we can provide.

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