Video Assure

by MinerLabs Group Pte Ltd

Cloud-based video stream monitoring platform with instant insights and forecasting

Video Assure is an Azure cloud-based, digital quality monitoring platform to intelligently manage global streaming services. We help content companies identify video streaming issues before they become disruptions by providing instant alerts, real-time insights and quality forecasts for Live and On-Demand streaming.

With video quality issues accounting for nearly 70% of viewers’ frustrations (Akamai), instantly knowing when these problems occur is a business imperative for all streaming service providers. Ensuring your customers don’t miss the moments that matter when streaming keeps your customers happy and helps grow your revenue base.

The business benefits of deploying our solution include:

  • Happier customers and reduced subscriber churn.
  • Increased advertising playout and revenues.
  • Fewer support calls.
  • Reduced staff monitoring costs with greater operational efficiencies.
  • Real-time insights and metrics for easy issues resolution.

Our team is committed to empowering a new generation of digital video services to deliver better multiscreen streaming experiences across the globe.

Powered by Azure Cloud Services and Azure Machine Learning, our award-winning platform delivers:

  • Hyper Real-Time Dashboards and Alerts to Let You Know When Issues Happen.
  • Accurate Insights Monitoring from Origin to Edge.
  • Not Synthetic, Rendered Video Monitoring with Recording Capability.
  • AI-Powered Quality Forecasts.
  • Easy Set-Up and Easy to Use.

Video Assure can be rapidly configured and deployed across all of your streaming services in every geography. There is no technology integration required. Configure live quality alerts based on custom values for bit rate, rebuffer rate, play fails, slow start-up time, and more.

Improve your video streaming quality and grow your revenues.

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