Modex Ledger DB

by Modex Technologies SRL

Enterprise-grade Blockchain-as-a-Service

Create and customize enterprise blockchain networks in a fraction of the time and cost.

Modex provides a cloud-based platform that allows businesses to build a secure and stable enterprise blockchain environment, save the costs of operations and maintenance, and facilitate business development.

Modex Ledger DB advantages

  • Speeding up blockchain adoption - Allowing businesses to interact with blockchain technology in a simplified manner while offering the necessary support to ensure efficient and effective functionality.
  • Enterprise-grade - Designed with enterprise functionalities in its DNA to meet the most rigorous requirements for scalable, production-ready networks, while using legacy databases.
  • High security and stability - Based on Modex’s innovative Blockchain Database, this service provides end-to-end, highly available services that can scale up quickly without interruption.
  • Easy to use - Provides enhanced administrative functions to help you build an enterprise-ready blockchain network environment with ease, so that you can focus on business innovation.
  • Off-chain data stored in customer’s tenant - Creating a shared network of storage and server resources designed to provide the required security and shared data ecosystem for blockchain consortium members.
  • Blockchain archiver nodes - Reducing the footprint of the blockchain to a fixed minimum size and thus optimizing storage requirements for customers, while not compromising data security and integrity.

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