ModuleQ: AI Insights in Microsoft Teams

by ModuleQ

Microsoft 365 Certified

ModuleQ empowers front-line professionals with personalized mission-critical business insights.

Front-line professionals are being overwhelmed with the vast amount of information, processing, and prioritizing they need to do daily. ModuleQ’s Personal Data Fusion® leverages your personal information and past actions and filters it through records in your organization and quality external data sources. Only content or insights that pass this rigorous filtering and prioritization process are bubbled up to the user, helping them become more efficient and intelligent, ultimately, reducing digital fatigue. Working within Office 365, ModuleQ's proprietary AI solutions identify business priorities, market-changing events, and emerging trends in the industries that matter to the user. All of this enhances the employee experience through seamless integration into Microsoft Teams and Salesforce CRM, secured within the user's compliance perimeter on Microsoft Azure.

The primary features of our patented AI technology include:
  • Personalized real-time account insights before your customer meetings
  • Be the first to know about significant account developments like press releases and earnings reports
  • Flexible integration options for data warehouses, CRMs, workspaces, and many more
  • Daily AI-curated news from relevant publishers

ModuleQ was founded by a team of experts, with PhDs from Harvard University and Carnegie Mellon, to create human-centered AI experiences that are designed to enhance how professionals work. ModuleQ's People-Facing AI® dynamically maps a user's work landscape and connects it with public and internal content sources, which is then combined with Personal Data Fusion® so that only the most relevant insights are shared.

We believe that content is only useful with the right context. The smartest business solutions come from meeting users where they are. We are creating technology that respects and enables human relationships through information delivered in the tools they are already using daily.

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