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Remote Employee Monitoring Software

MonitUp is a cloud-based employee monitoring software with artificial intelligence supported that helps businesses streamline their operations and boost productivity.

With MonitUp, managers can track their team's app and URL usage, categorize apps as productive or unproductive, and monitor work hours.
They can also take screenshots of employee screens and generate productivity reports based on app usage and working hours.
MonitUp is ideal for companies with remote teams, as it provides real-time monitoring and insights into employee productivity, no matter
where they are working from.

You can see the summary of the movements of the company employees on this screen. Online Computers, Offline Computers, IP Addresses,
latest trading hours and pie chart of the most used programs in your company.

It gives you information about users, when he turned on his computer, how long he was away from his computer, when he shut down his
computer in the evening. You can see the pie chart of the most used applications. The list at the bottom will show you the details of all
the transactions of the user in the date range you have specified. In this way, you can have an idea about the efficiency of the user.

MonitUp processes the data of the previous week it collects and generates suggestions for you to increase your productivity thanks to the integration of artificial intelligence.

You can see when all employees turned on and off their computers. It helps you to distinguish missing or overwork easily.

You can see which websites employees browse and keep them under control. It is important information to increase employee productivity.

You can see the online or offline status of the computers in your company, Group Name, Available Free Space (C:), IP address, Received Bytes,
Sent Bytes, Online/Offline, last transaction time, System Boot Time.

You can create groups and group your computers. In this way, you can manage your computers more efficiently.

You can monitor the performance of your computers remotely. We keep CPU and RAM usage rates in the system every 5 minutes. You can
detect slow computers and intervene before a user complains.

The working hours of your company are assigned as 08:30 am in the morning and 06:30 pm in the evening by default. If you have a different
working hour, you can edit it here. MonitUp will not be active on your computers outside of these hours. Assuming you work weekends,
monitoring is done during these hours.

All applications are divided into 3 categories. You can set the desired application as Productive, Unproductive Neutral. Thus, you can see
the transactions on the graph and instantly analyze the efficiency of the user.

Screenshots of the users you specify are taken every 5 minutes. In this way, you will have more data at hand to increase efficiency.
Screenshots are taken in very low quality to protect users' privacy. You cannot read what is written on the screen. It just gives you an idea.

Every Monday you will receive an email with a summary of the previous week. In addition, if the applications you specify work,
you will receive a notification e-mail. If a word of your choice is included in the application titles, you will still receive notification e-mails.

With the productivity report, you can easily report the productive, unproductive, neutral and total working hours of your employees in two date ranges.

MonitUp is also used for parents to control the time they spend with their children at the computer. With MonitUp, you cannot interfere with
the computer, you can only check from any point at any time which programs are used and which websites they are browsing.

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