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A complete digital platform for eCommerce

MozCom is a complete platform for retailers looking to go digital. Built using best-in-class technologies, MozCom enables retail commerce providers to give an intuitive shopping experience for their end customers. The shopping journey or storefront is fully customisable by a feature-rich backend, making the platform ideal for multi-brand rollouts. The product is built on cloud-native architecture and comes with pre-built components, making it perfect for omnichannel commerce. 

MozCom is a completely flexible next-generation cloud-native platform. For the marketing and merchandising team in retail organisations, launching new brands and making changes to the existing brands' marketing and sales initiatives are much easier with MozCom. The system is built on a microservices platform with an API first approach, and this makes it easy for any external system to plug and play with MozCom. A self-hostable application that can be independently managed by the business, MozCom used the latest architecture and can be easily integrated into AI/ML capabilities that include a visual search and recommendation engine. 
If you are a CXO looking for better digitisation of your business, or a merchandiser looking for flexibility to expedite your GTM strategies or a digital head looking for cost effective and feature rich product for digitisation of your business, you can get in touch with us to know more about MozCom 
MozCom offers a wide variety of features and flexibility at a lower TCO, there by guaranteeing high ROI. The product is safe and secure, with no long term dependency on the vendor. Powered by open source technologies, with access to a rich talent pool wth good domain knowledge, MozCom opens doors to scale up your business through powerful digital solutions of the future.
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