Neo4j Aura

by Neo4j

Neo4j Aura is a fast, reliable, scalable and completely automated graph SaaS for connected data.

Neo4j Aura is a fast, reliable, scalable and completely automated graph database-as-a-service for connected data. Aura lets you focus on developing rich, graph-powered applications, without any administration hassle. Built on the world's most trusted graph platform, Aura enables lightning-fast queries and real-time insights powering connected data use cases such as fraud detection, recommendations, knowledge graphs and customer 360.

Zero administration: Provision in minutes, scale on-demand, automated service upgrades, no maintenance window ever. Available in all regions.

Enterprise-grade security and privacy: Offers end-to-end data encryption, VPC isolation with dedicated infrastructure and advanced role-based access control with granular database security. Aura is GDPR and CCPA compliant.

99.95% Availability SLA: Built on self-healing architecture with multi-AZ distributed cluster, Aura guarantees high availability without service interruption. Aura is ACID compliant and includes fully managed backups for robust data availability.

Rich developer toolkit: Flexible property graph data model with support for Cypher, the easy and powerful graph query language and GraphQL. Built in tools for graph visualization, monitoring and powerful procedures to extend functionality.

Simple pricing: Transparent capacity-based consumption pricing. No extras for IO, storage, backups or network.

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