NEORIS Intelligence - Demand Forecasting


Demand Sensing - Retail & CPG Intelligence Accelerator

NEORIS Intelligence Helps our Clients Become AI and Data Mature in Record Time. We accelerate our clients’ ability to turn data into a strategic asset with a Unification Layer for the Organization. NEORIS’ was designed to be efficiently embedded into cloud enterprise environments in order to combine internal historical, operational data with external data for AI to deliver actionable uses cases. Data, ML and AIData Architecture Foundations development and Multiple ML Use Cases, aligned to best understand the end-customers identity, cross-sell and up-sell and predict products demand.

NEORIS Intelligence Demand Forecasting improve the process to understand the data:
Data Inputs:
Machine Learning Capabilities:
Predictions for millions of SKU / Stores or SKU / Clients combinations
Insights Delivered:
10-15% RMSE in 3 months time-frame predictions

Your customers. Your people. Your data.

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