nmStore Lite

by Netmechanics LLC

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Fast , reliable , focus on performance , cloud ecommerce platform

The rapid growth of transactions (of all types) through e-commerce and the rise in demand from many entrepreneurs to invest in the online commerce, created nmStore Lite SaaS! It is a custom developed platform and is trusted by dozens of entrepreneurs because of its quality, security and speed, but also for the immediate development whenever it is needed. NM Store Lite SaaS is designed to offer high quality ecommerce experience for the end user, fast go-to-Market ability in an extremely affordable way. Simply designed for entrepreneurs and businesses that make their first "trial" steps in the e-Commerce world. Minimum Order & Billing Limitation NmStore Lite offers the possibility of unlimited orders while the entrepreneur who chooses to invest in e-Commerce via this platform can do it without any time commitment! Target Market The service is addressed to all entrepreneurs who, although they believe in e-commerce, want to start with low economic risk and to all entrepreneurs who want to make a transition to a platform that is capable of providing them with flexibility, loading speed and security. Pay as you go pricing policy makes this choice ideal for a small yet fast-growing business as it allows you to reduce the cost of building and maintaining an e-Commerce system and investing more money in other, more necessary Digital Marketing channels. Application and Advantages for the Customers The platform provides all the necessary technical requirements of a reliable e-Commerce solution. This solution enables the customer to focus on the vital processes that will make his business stand out and grow in e-Commerce (digital marketing, effective marketing, inbound marketing, relationship building, customer support). Advantages for the Reseller This is a complete solution and involves any entrepreneur who wishes to make his first steps in the e-Commerce world or to upgrade his existing platform. Substantial advantages are the general features of the platform, the price (including Hosting), the delivery times of the project, its flexibility regarding its appearence, etc. So any reseller has the option to offer this top service to his clients at a preferential price!

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