Chief Returns Officer

by Newmine, llc

Chief Returns Officer is the only AI-powered SaaS platform that reduces product returns

Product returns are so much more than just “a cost of doing business”—they spotlight opportunities to drive improvement throughout the value chain. Yet almost 75% of retailers report that returns data is siloed across multiple channels and systems, impeding visibility and analysis.

It’s time to focus on prevention over processing. It’s time for Returns Reduction. 

Decades of Returns Reduction domain expertise power Newmine's AI platform,  Chief Returns Officer© — the market's only SaaS solution focused on proactive Returns Reduction using a data-first approach. With Chief Returns Officer, retailers are tackling the problems that have been “hiding in plain sight” throughout their business, with ease reaping the rewards of tens of millions in benefits. More of their customers are keeping their products, resulting in fewer products returned and ending up in landfill.

Improve brand economics, customer experience, and environmental impact with Chief Returns Officer. 

Chief Returns Officer is built on Microsoft Azure and integrates with the leading ERPs and OMS systems, including Microsoft D365.

Want to learn more about Returns Reduction? Download the Report - State of the Industry Report: Retail Returns

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