Rendezvous Occupancy Sensors

by NFS Technology Group

Get 100% accurate space utilisation data in real-time with automated check in/out of desks

Corporate real estate is a significant investment. Hot desks and meeting rooms are expensive to run – but how do know you are achieving maximum occupancy? Our technology ensures that you have a 100% accurate breakdown of desk and space usage using real-time data as well as providing your staff with a no-touch desk check in/out experience.
With our affordable and advanced sensor technology you have the real time people count information giving you a complete analysis of space occupancy. Digital signage technology ensures that your staff can quickly and easily find a desk. Once found the worker only needs to work up to the desk to check in and walk away again to check out - thanks to the motion sensors.
The signage technology enables you to see how your space is being used in real-time and with 100% accuracy. You can also sent up real-time alerts to monitor when space is being under and over utilised. The data can be further analysed using our highly graphical and insightful dashboards to drive future real estate decisions with the surety that there is no margin for error.

Responding to Covid
As well as providing a zero touch desk check in/out experience, the solution is an ideal component of any return to work strategy as we now offer a service where we will take CAD diagrams and the policies from you and create a floorplan that reduces desk density, to comply with any required social distancing parameters. The spaces that are no longer in use can be blocked using the booking system, to ensure that all space booked is safe for staff to use. Management can see at a glance how to best utilize their space and how it will fit into their getting back to the workplace strategy.

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