TeamStick: for post-its directly on your Microsoft Teams home screen !

TeamStick is a note application that lets you send and receive post-it notes directly in Microsoft Teams.
With TeamStick, you can send notes to anyone you like. So you can keep in touch with your colleagues in real time. You can send them messages of support, suggestions or reminders.
TeamStick is easy to use. Once you've downloaded the application, it appears on your Teams home screen. You can write whatever you like ; then, to send the note, you just need to be connected with the person you want to send it to. If that person also has the application on their home screen, they can see the notes you've sent and reply to them.
Notes sent via TeamStick are written on the fly, so you can be creative and say whatever you want to the recipient. For example, you can use them to send shared to-do lists, reminders of important dates (such as a client appointment) or friendly hello messages. TeamStick offers a world of possibilities when it comes to seamless communication with your colleagues.
Download the TeamStick application now and start sharing !
TeamStick uses your Microsoft account to login and retrieve your contacts so it doesn't need any configuration to get started!

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