NG-ActiveEdge: Redefining Employee Health & Wellness


Enhance employee well-being and productivity, optimise workforce health and performance.

1. Track daily exercise routines and monitor completed task.

2. Engage in various wellness activities within a holistic wellness hub

3. Seamless and intuitive platform for convenient use

4. Rewarding system where employees earn points for achievement

5. Exciting incentives for redeeming point

6. Fosters a positive and engaging environment

1. Empowers employees to take control of their health and well-being

2. Encourages active participation in wellness journey

3. Provides a sense of excitement and recognition through reward.

4. Motivates employees to engage in healthy habits and activities

1. Creates a vibrant, energetic work environment

2. Boosts employee engagement and productivity

3. Improves employee satisfaction and retention

4. Demonstrates commitment to employee well-being

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