Office365Mon Monitoring Services


Office 365 outages happen, Office365Mon lets you know when they do with text and email alerts.

Outages happen, and what we do is let you know when they do. This gives you a chance to get in front of an outage instead of letting it run over you when you start fielding phone calls from angry users. Exchange Online monitoring and SharePoint Online monitoring is how we help you stay in control.

Getting set up is quick and easy. Tell us the name of your company, then the SharePoint Site, Exchange Online mailbox, and/or Skype account you want us to monitor. Next, let us know how we should alert you when there's an outage - use as many email addresses or text message phone numbers as you wish - and you're done. That's it.

You can also monitor from as many different geographic locations as you want. This lets you put monitoring where your users are. Set up alerts when performance drops in any location below a threshold you set.

When you want to review the health and performance of your Office 365 tenant, we offer you dozens of out of the box reports to choose from. Not exactly what you want? No problem - you can also download the raw report data as CSV files from our web site so you can do your own analysis. You can also use your reporting API to programmatically download the data and incorporate it into your line of business applications and reports. Still not enough?

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