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Start Every Task with the Right Template.

Your Template Hub for All Your Shared and Organizational Templates Across Microsoft 365!

Are you still battling with outdated templates or battling with several duplicates, not knowing where to find the most up-to-date version?

The Template Chooser enables easy access to your centrally shared and branded organizational templates across apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, SharePoint, and many others.

This product creates and manages a single source of truth for your templates, ensuring that users across your organization will always use the most current templates across all applications and devices. This solution simplifies the process of finding and using the right templates, making sure they're always aligned with your brand and up to date.

Key Benefits

  • Better Business Outcomes: Access to up-to-date templates ensures your documents are always current and on-brand.
  • Eliminate Confusion: No more wondering where to find the latest templates, everything is stored and managed in one central location.
  • Always Available: Easily access the latest templates from anywhere, whether you're using Office, Teams, SharePoint, or any browser.

With the Template Chooser, your organization will no longer struggle to find and use the right templates. It ensures that your team is always working with the most current and correctly branded templates, streamlining work processes, boosting productivity, and empowering your branded communication across your organization.

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About Us: officeatwork has been recognized with multiple Microsoft awards, establishing it as a leader in offering SaaS based Document Creation and Content Management Software Solution for Microsoft 365. By choosing officeatwork, you're joining thousands of organizations and millions of people globally in streamlining work, improving productivity and empowering your organizations branded communication within Microsoft 365.

Requirements: This product requires a Microsoft 365 Work or School account but is also available for Personal Microsoft accounts for free.

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