OLS360 Platform (Corporate)

by One Logic Solutions Ltd.

OLS360: Streamline your business with our no-code business management platform.

OLS360 - Your Ultimate Business Management Platform

Digital Transformation, No Code. Overcome the challenges of high costs and development delays with OLS360. This no-code platform not only drives growth and innovation in your business with quick and cost-effective solutions, but it also redefines business efficiency and simplicity. Inspired by the success of our client in the oil sector, who expanded the use of OLS360 beyond occupational safety, achieving operational efficiency across the company.

Data Mart Integration and Data Analysis

The integration of OLS360 with Power BI transformed data into strategic insights for our client, enabling the creation of data marts that offer deep analysis and customized dashboards for different departments.

Multi-Level Security and Smart Alerts

OLS360 ensured our client's information protection with a robust security system and smart alerts, keeping the team always informed and the data secure.

Custom SLAs and Task Scheduling

They benefited from customized Service Level Agreements, ensuring efficient process execution within deadlines. Task scheduling optimized organization and productivity, aligning activities with business objectives.

Accessibility and Customization

Dynamic menus and customized intranet pages of OLS360 adapted to the specific needs of the client, providing an optimized user experience with secure external access.

Corporate Plan

The OLS360 Corporate Plan is ideal for organizations seeking the utmost in customization and support. In addition to all the features of the Advanced Plan, this plan offers solution export, personalized coaching for 3 months, custom configuration, and dedicated support. It is the perfect choice for companies that demand tailor-made solutions and expert guidance to maximize their operational efficiency.


Discover with OLS360 a journey of efficiency, innovation, and growth. Choose the plan that fits your needs and unlock the full potential of your organization, benefiting from a platform that combines advanced technology with practical applicability.

For more detailed information, visit our official features page and explore the plans of OLS360.

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