Oneview Cloud for COVID-19

Oneview Healthcare Plc

Managed tablet solution to operationalise virtual care and enable digital services at the bedside.

Technology in the patient room is uniquely placed to remotely connect patients with their care team, reducing risk for patients and clinicians by minimizing contact and preserving PPE, as well as enabling loved ones to visit virtually.

In response to the crisis, Oneview has launched an Azure cloud-based managed telehealth solution enabling the following functionality at the bedside:

  • virtual rounding with Microsoft Teams and other enterprise communication platforms
  • virtual interpreting
  • virtual visitors 
  • distraction and calming content
  • up-to-date information

This solution is designed for rapid deployment and can be quickly provisioned without any new infrastructure (assuming there is Wi-Fi in place), without on-premise servers, and without Oneview staff needing to come on-site.

At a glance