Swittons for Pharma

by P360

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One Click Enterprise Solution

A Switton is a small desktop solution that facilitates immediate communication between Pharma and Prescribers based on 4 programmable buttons that match frequent Prescriber needs. The flexibility of the programming allows Pharma to integrate various functions into the workflow – buttons can be used to request communications with Sales Reps, MSLs, Clinical, Medical Information, request Samples and more. The IoT solution is accessible anywhere and has a tiny footprint (4" wide). Powerful and seamless integration with existing client systems makes Swittons easy to implement. Fluid dashboards convey live information regarding clicks and workflow progress. Swittons puts Prescribers in the driver's seat-letting them manage their own journey with Pharmaceutical representatives.

  • Brand Personalization & Recognition on the device and ON THEIR DESKTOP
  • Creates a new (unsaturated) DIGITAL Marketing Channel
  • Avoids the use of (too many) Apps on a Smart Phone 
  • Immediate Impact for New Launches
  • Direct Interaction and facetime with Prescriber rather than another “Approved Email”
  • Cellular Connection – No Setup Required
  • Easily Add Custom Users
  • Switch Settings on the Fly
  • Integrates with Any CRM or ERP System
  • Automatic Request Validation
  • Handy USB Charging
  • Flexible Power Options
  • One-Click Transmission
  • Four Programmable Buttons
  • Fingerprint Sensor Technology
  • Microsoft Azure IoT Hub Links
  • Automatic Authentication

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