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Swittons for Pharma


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One Click Enterprise Solution

A Switton is an e-IoTsolution that aligns with a small, sophisticated desktop device engineered to allow for immediate communication with Prescribers. The IoT solution is accessible anywhere, and the device has a tiny footprint (4" wide), with 4 programmable buttons - it is multifunctional, customizable, and can meet all your prescriber needs. It puts Prescribers in the driver's seat-letting them manage their own journey with Pharmaceutical representatives.

Designed with convenience in mind, this revolutionary new solution/device is endlessly customizable, remotely accessible, and easy to integrate into your favorite CRM or ERP system to facilitate communications in a controlled, logical fashion.

  • Brand Personalization & Recognition on the device and ON THEIR DESKTOP
  • Creates a new (unsaturated) DIGITAL Marketing Channel
  • Avoids the use of (too many) Apps on a Smart Phone 
  • Immediate Impact for New Launches
  • Direct Interaction and facetime with Prescriber rather than another “Approved Email”
  • Cellular Connection – No Setup Required
  • Easily Add Custom Users
  • Switch Settings on the Fly
  • Integrates with Any CRM or ERP System
  • Automatic Request Validation
  • Handy USB Charging
  • Flexible Power Options
  • One-Click Transmission
  • Four Programmable Buttons
  • Fingerprint Sensor Technology
  • Microsoft Azure IoT Hub Links
  • Automatic Authentication