Bank Connectivity as a service

by Nomentia Oy

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Connect with banks with ease

Reach any bank in the world and automate & harmonize the connectivity and payment format maintenance between your banks and ERP systems. The solution runs on Microsoft Azure and can be integrated to any of your systems even if you are running D365, SAP, Oracle, Netsuite, or any other ERP (or multiple ERP systems). The solution supports numerous banking protocols including (but not limited to) host-to-host connections, SWIFT, EBICS, Web Services and APIs. The solution simplifies the cumbersome payment format maintenance at the ERP side; you send a single agreed format to Nomentia and we take care of the rest. Our all-time growing format library already contains support for more than one thousand readymade payment formats and scenarios in over 100 countries.

  • No need to build in-house competence for bank protocols and payment formats. We take care of your bank connectivity, and manage any file format changes.
  • With a centralized hub that collects all the needed payment files from any ERP/source system and converts those into the bank specific format in an automated way. The same solution can be also used to distribute account statements back to the ERP systems.​
  • Our commitment to highest security guarantees the highest availability and business continuity (ISO 27001 Certified, ISAE Type 2 Certified and SWIFT CSP (Customer Security Program) compliant.
  • The solution is updated automatically on a monthly basis to stay conform with the latest banking and ERP regulations, standards, security protocols and file conversion changes.
  • Easily integrate with your existing TMS, ERP systems, or other source systems. Our service is system-agnostic
  • Start with small and grow as you need. You only pay for the connections you choose without anything extra. The connectivity is provided from the world’s most scalable treasury platform: the same solution can be scaled up to a full payment solution (role-based approval workflows, audit trail, manual payments, anomaly detection), cash management (balances, transactions, cash visibility), liquidity planning, cash forecasting, in-house banking, guarantees, risk management, and many more.​

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