orderbase MegaBoard Service for BC

by orderbase consulting GmbH

The orderbase MegaBoard helps you with the planning process of services

The important things come first!

The orderbase MegaBoard helps you with this major target in the process of services. Quick decisions need fast and transparent data preparation. 
The orderbase MegaBoard shows a graphical depiction of resources, loads and lapse of services. The orderbase MegaBoard was developed, designed and optimized especially for the use of mass data from service structures in order to enable a highly efficient planning. The easy depiction of the actual loads and the intuitive handling provides the planner with a transparent basis for decision-making. This way you can concentrate on the important things in the daily business. Manual and automated planning functions help to avoid planning errors and reveal alternative planning scenarios.


  • Planning via drag & drop 
  • Bottleneck planning 
  • Workload depiction 
  • Resource planning 
  • Sequence planning 
  • Critical path analysis 
  • Limited capacity Rough/Detailed planning 
  • Sophisticated heuristic 
  • Weighting priorities

About us

orderbase consulting GmbH

  • Since 1999 we specialize in developing Add-Ons for Microsoft Dynamics 365, focusing on order processing-, production- and service management-solutions for SMEs.
  • We provide comprehensive support services to our partners and customers in terms of conceptual design, implementation and customization of our on-premise solutions and cloud-apps.
  • Our goal is to optimize process flows by making information more accessible and evaluable, enabling our customers to tackle new challenges and changes of the digital shift.
  • orderbase software-development is based on 20 years of experience in production- and service-consulting. We are constantly learning from our customers’ wishes and feedback to improve our products.

Our products

  • Graphical planning board - orderbase MegaBoard
  • Variant configurator - orderbase VariPlus
  • Organizing items via hierarchical tree structure - orderbase TreeControl
  • Recording and evaluating personnel time tracking and operating data - orderbase TimeControl
  • Time attendance recording - orderbase Terminal
  • Accessible data for service technicians on mobile devices - orderbase MobileApp

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