Solar PV App

Orxa Grid Ltd

Optimise the size of your proposed Solar PV Installation

This app is for use by building owners who would like to save money on their energy bills by installing Solar Panels on their roof. This tool will calculate the optimal size of the proposed Solar PV installation to maximise the financial return.
Consumers (Residential, Commercial and Industries) who would like a simple and accurate tool to understand solar PV impact on their property within minutes. The tool helps consumers
-To have a better understanding of the impact of solar installation at their property
-To identify the ideal power mix quickly to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions

The online software obtains and analyses datasets to determine potential of solar installation specific to the user and their site. The solar site selection model will retrieve data from multiple data sources. The inputs to the model are

·       Location (latitude/longitude) of site

·       Site information (Orientation, angle and surface area of roof)

·       Historic energy usage for the specific site for accurate energy demand prediction

·       Tariff information

The model will determine the ideal solar PV size that will maximise the financial savings, solar energy generation and CO2 saved at the selected site.

OrxaGrid helps consumers increase their sustainable energy sources and optimise the sources to reduce carbon footprint. 

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