Cargo Intelligence

by Pandora Intelligence BV

Grow your business while reducing the risk of shipping illegal, military, and dangerous goods

We provide risk assessments and logistical optimalisations for freight forwarders, logistics operators and customs.

By combining an extensive range of data sources with real-time information, our ENGINE produces relevant insights and recommendations.

Freight forwarders, logistics operators and customs rely on Pandora Intelligence increase cargo volumes, while reducing the risk of transporting illegal, military and dangerous goods.


Carriers, freight forwarders, logistics operators and customs encounter challenges due to resources constraints. These constraints encompass financial limitations, technological deficiencies, and a shortage of human resources, hindering their ability to screen cargo effectively and in a timely matter. This hinders growth ambitions and increases the risk of non-compliance, which ultimately impacts their competitive position in the industry.


Cargo Intelligence ensures enhanced and automated cargo screening – that aligns with international laws and regulations – to make it possible to process high volumes of cargo in a timely manner. By automating screening processes, Cargo Intelligence empowers carriers, freight forwarders, logistics operators, and customs authorities to efficiently process high volumes of cargo while reducing the risk of non-compliance. Leveraging existing knowledge and data sources, it generates actionable and predictive intelligence, enabling risk prioritization and early detection of illegal, military, or dangerous goods in shipments. The result is the ability to make faster, more accurate and consistent decisions in the screening process, ensuring compliance and supporting ambitious growth objectives.

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